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This Catalogue of British Town Maps locates town maps extant in UK public archives and libraries. It provides details of almost 8,000 maps and provides for each the key cartographical and other features and the location of publicly-accessible exemplars. Associated with each catalogue entry is a PDF image outlining the area covered by the map.  Catalogue information is available from a straightforward and easily searchable user interface. For ease of access the maps are also searchable via a simple Google maps search function.

This electronic catalogue of British town maps and their associated boundary maps is accompanied by a printed book: Roger J. P. Kain and Richard R. Oliver, British Town Maps: a History, London, British Library, 2015, 166 figures, 256pp. ISBN 978 0 7123 5729 6. Price: £30.00. The book provides a brief narrative history of British town maps and mapping and further details on how the Catalogue was compiled.

Please click on this link to download the The Catalogue of British Town Maps to 1900 (CBTM) Guide for Users.

Comments from users of the catalogue/database are welcome.